Creative Movment Video Clips

New video clips added late August 2011.

Movement Poems

I Met Ten Bunnies

Ginny Martin has written several movement poems for her youngest dances to give them a very creative opportunity to use many of the steps and ideas introduced in class each week. This is a selected portion of the movement poem called "I Met Ten Bunnies".

Ten Bunnies video

Fairy Dance

"Fairy Dance" is Ginny Martin's newest movement poem. Ginny uses several delightful movement poems as improvisation in class. She decided to choreograph Fairy Dance for 4-6 year-old students as a dance for them to open our spring show. Here is a selected portion of Fairy Dance.

Fairy Dance video


Madeline is another movement poem that is also used for improvisation as well as a choregraphed dance for the 4-6 year-old students. Here is a selected portion of Madeline.

Madeline video

Choreography selections

Debussy Ballet

Debussy Ballet is a joyful example of choreography for Creative Movement students aged 4-6 years old. Sometimes the choreography for Creative Movement is playful, humorous, or even poetic. The music for Debussy Ballet is by James Galway from his album "Dances for Flute". This is a selected portion of "Debussy Ballet".

video/Debussy Ballet video


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