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Dance Class At Home DVD

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About The DVD

Creative Movement for 4-6 year-olds is my simplification of Modern Dance, focusing not so much on set technique but more on the natural movements and creative intuitions that evolve when exploring the feelings and emotions of dance. In Dance Class at Home I take children from their natural exploration of movement through space and carefully and very creatively expand a child’s menu of movement choices. I believe in preserving a youngster’s uninhibited enjoyment of movement as I introduce them to the world of dance, offering new ideas to try while encouraging children to experiment with movement of their own. Exploring my unique movement poems and creative dance story improvisations invites children to trust themselves as they move through space, motivating self confidence in a big way. I often feel like the Pied Piper of the dance world!

Dance Class at Home is a wonderful dance beginning for young children. It is uniquely different, highly creative, interactive dance fun. The dance curriculum that I share through this video is innovative, child friendly, and completely magic. Gradually without even realizing what is happening your child will become more focused, more lifted and graceful as they move through space. The more they watch and move with this video the more confident and sure of themselves they will become as they are encouraged to try movement choices of their own to tell their dance story.

You may preview or purchase the Dance Class At Home DVD at

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