Ginny, your personal example as an artist, a woman, and a dancer has provided our daughters with an influence and a role model we are awed by and deeply thankful for. You are directly responsible for so much pride, ambition, self-worth, confidence and the nurturing of creative expression in the lives of the two we love most. You are truly an angel! Thank you for your power, your muse, your devotion and your sharing of joy.
Nancy Metz Mercoglan -parent

Ginny, I have sat and watched Amy grow with you these past two seasons and I am humbled by watching your class every time. I adore watching your interaction with Amy, because there is truly and obviously a love of what you do in your eyes and in your expressions as you work with the kids. I think that what you are giving these children is so much more than awareness of dance. You give them awareness of the beauty in themselves and the knowledge of how to express it. I commend your spirit.
Roxane Denison - parent

Ginny, thanks so much for another wonderful year of dance! I am so amazed at the dances this year in Rachel's older Intermediate I class. They are magnificent! You do an amazing job with your students. Rachel loves modern dance!
Rosemary Stedman - parent

Ginny, I will never forget the time you spent with me when I was younger, teaching me, dancing with me and just talking with me if that was what I needed. You are the kindest, most patient and sincere person I have ever met and you will always remain at the top of my list of the people I admire most in this world. I feel very fortunate that I am now able to again share dance with you through my daughter. Thank you.
Terri Baker - parent and former student

"I wish I could dance every day" were Sarah's first words when she awoke this morning. She had such a great time in class yesterday. She remained exuberant as she retold and re-enacted parts of her experience for the family. We are so thankful that she has someone so professional, so encouraging and so naturally motivating to help develop the creative part of her person.
Chuck and Maureen Bitely - parents

I wish that every little girl could have a Ginny Martin in her life if only for one semester. You helped Karen grow into the most wonderful adult. It was great watching her blossom and grow each season with you. I feel you are an angel to many young children, guiding them to create their own feelings and individuality. Thank you for all that you do!
Diane St. Onge - parent

There is nothing like dancing with Ginny Martin!
Christina Mogro - student

Ginny gets so much out of the children because she gives so much to them!
Nancy Katz - parent

I have to tell you how lovely I thought some of your new pieces are. The choreography was varied and always engaging, and the ensemble work was delightful. It was wonderful to watch the strength and the beauty of these young women. Their dancing conveyed individuality, expressiveness, energy and a great sense of fun. Brava!
Carolyn Yalkut - parent