Payment is made on the basis of three 8 week sessions, with a fourth ten week session. Payment is due at the first class of each session.


All classes are held at the Grange Hall on Pashley Road.

Cancellation of Classes

All dance schools charge for snow cancellations. I am very conservative when deciding to cancel classes for bad weather. If that happens, we may or may not provide a make-up class, but the payment schedule remains the same.

Snow Days

There will be class on school snow days because it usually clears by afternoon. However, in case it does not clear or if a bad storm develops during the day of classes, I will use my best judgment and I will cancel if necessary.

Please make a practice of calling on questionable snowy days. I will feel badly if you get to class and no one is there.

Vacation Days

Vacation Days and reasons for them are listed on the calendar!


Dancewear and bare feet. Dancewear today is really fun. There is a huge selection out there of leotards, footless and capri tights, leggings, unitards, dance pants, dance skirts, dance shirts, warm-ups etc. The color and style dancewear is up to you, so have fun and be tasteful. DO NOT WEAR JEANS, PAJAMAS, TEAM SPORTSWEAR, EVERY DAY CLOTHES, HUGE T-SHIRTS OR SLOPPY DRESS OF ANY KIND! Dancers have respect for their bodies. You have to lift and be more serious about your body when you wear dance clothes. It is very obvious to Dana and me that students who wear dance clothes to class have a better sense of themselves as dancers. How you dress is part of the increased discipline of growing as a dancer. Sloppy clothes often translates to sloppy dancers. PLEASE WEAR DANCE CLOTHES TO CLASS!

Spring Stage Demonstration

Our dance shows will once again be at the Hart Theater at The Egg in Albany. Our theme this year is An Imagination Celebration. It will be another fun year! The dress rehearsal date is Sunday, June 5. We will have two shows, one on Monday evening, June 6 at 6:30 pm and the other on Tuesday evening, June 7 at 6:30 pm. Your child will dance in one show. Mark your calendar now! Let other special teachers know of this date early so that, hopefully, they can schedule their special events next Spring on a different day. Remember, because I have at least duplicates of most of my class levels, half of my classes dance in one show and half of my classes dance in the other. Thus we have duplicate dance shows that are an acceptable 2 1/2 hours long with more room in the audience for family and friends. The show itself is free of charge. I choose not to sell tickets to the dance show. Instead I charge each dance student a program fee to cover the numerous expenses of the show. The program fee is $20 per student, not to exceed $50 per family. More costume and program information later.

Dress Rehearsal Attendance

Attendance at dress rehearsal is mandatory. If you are not at dress rehearsal you will not dance in the show.

Private Classes

A private class can be a huge help and a fun way to clear up lots of questions. The fee for a half hour private class is $35 and a full hour is $50. You may also video this session yourself for follow up use at home.

Temporary Problems

It is important for Dana and me to be aware of any problems - hearing loss, sight, minor injury, fatigue, emotional etc. Never hesitate to call.

Address or phone change

Please notify us.

Observation of Class

Relatives and friends are always welcome to observe classes, BUT I ASK THAT YOU DO SO WITHOUT TALKING TO EACH OTHER! It always amazes me when adults continue to visit with each other once class has begun. I don't think you realize how distracting it is. It is most respectful to your kids and to me when you sit quietly on the side when observing class. Once I start to teach a class, I ask that parents do not talk to each other and if you have fussy babies, I expect you to take them out of the room. Holding the attention of an energetic group of youngsters is exhausting work. I love giving you the opportunity to observe classes at any time, but it's frustrating for me to compete with talking parents and noisy babies. It is also very frustrating to the parents who do observe quietly.

Absence Policy

Absences are paid. This is a standard policy at all dance schools. You may make-up an absence by coming to a suitable make-up class. I have duplicates of most of my dance classes. Please see listing of duplicate classes, suitable for makeups, below. Always inform me or Dana if you will be taking a makeup class in another class so that we don't have too many people doing so at the same time. If an injury or illness causes an extended absence please call us to make special arrangements. Classes dancing the same dances are listed below.

Class Times
Creative Movement Mon. 3:45 Grange
Thu. 3:45 Grange
Creative Movement Sat. 9:00 Grange
Sat. 9:45 Grange
Begin Modern (6-8yr) Mon. 4:30 Grange
Sat. 10:30 Grange
Begin Modern (6-8yr) Wed. 3:30 Grange
See Ginny
Begin I Modern(7-10yr) Wed. 4:30 Grange
Thu. 4:30 Grange
Begin I Modern(7-10yr) Thu. 5:30 Grange
Sat. 11:30 Grange
Begin II Modern Wed. 5:30 Grange
Tue. 5:30 Grange
Begin II Modern Tue. 4:30 Grange
(no make-up class)
Intermed I Modern Mon. 5:30 Grange
Tue. 6:30 Grange
Intermed II Modern Mon. 6:30 Grange
Wed. 6:30 Grange
Intermed III Modern Mon. 7:30 Grange
Tue. 7:30 Grange
Intermed III Modern Thu. 6:30 Grange
(no make-up class)
Intermed IV Modern Wed. 7:30 Grange
dances in both shows (no make-up class)